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Boujie Cocktail Jigger

Boujie Cocktail Jigger

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An easy to read cocktail jigger made by Mr. Consistent to go with our Cocktail Mixer range!

MARGI: 75mL Mr. Consistent Margarita Mix + 45mL Tequila

COSMO: 75mL Mr. Consistent Cosmo Mix + 45mL Vodka or Gin

SOURS: 75mL Mr. Consistent Sours Mix + 45mL Amaretto, Gin or Whisky

ESPRESSO MARTINI: 75mL Mr. Consistent Espresso Martini Mix + 45mL Vodka

BLOODY MARY: 125mL Mr. Consistent Bloody Mary Mix, 
45mL Vodka

STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI: 75mL Mr. Consistent Strawberry Daiquiri Mix + 45mL White Rum


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